Ooty Incense Sticks


Ooty Incence Sticks.  This will appeal to your inner hippie!

2 x Fragrances;

Cassis, Geranium & Wild Rose

Verbena, Mandarin & Kaffir Lime

These take incense out of the student bedsit and on to a whole new level of sophistication, using the signature Ooty blend of English and Indian scents, mixed by Louise, a French Parfumier. The brightly coloured incense sticks come packaged in a super-stylish, present-ready, jewel-coloured tube with a hint of gold, and their perfumed smoke will swirl giving a subtly different odour to that of the Ooty candles yet reinforcing it. It's like another instrument in the scent orchestra, playing the same tune but in a slightly different key. Ooty is an old British hill station in South India, full of sugary, spicy scents from German bakeries and the heavy perfume of rambling roses trailing through the overgrown gardens of traditional English thatched cottages and intertwining with Indian frangipani. Its quirky and happy blend of cultures - and scents - appealed to me so much that I used its name for my range of scents, with the same fusion of European and Indian.


  • Insense Sticks H 25.5 cm
  • Giftbox Tube H 27.5 x Diameter 4 cm

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