Festive Christmas Treasure Hunt


About this 'Christmas Treasure Hunt Game’:
Skip the board games and offer your customers a unique Christmas treasure hunt this year. In a small colourful box, this kit makes a great addition to your games or gifting section. Perfect for busy parents looking to keep the children entertained whilst they wrap up presents or prepare for guests to arrive.

Each kit contains 16 Christmas Pudding clues, 8 treat bags, 1 I-spy sheet and 5 props

Recommended for age 5+ and 2+ players

How to play this 'Christmas Treasure Hunt Game’:
Hide the Christmas pudding clues in order around the house, positioning the arrows as helping hands along the way. Give out the first clue to an individual child or a group to work as a team. Once all the clues have been found, work out the secret hiding place of the final treasure using the letters from the back of each clue.